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Has the tile and grout in your Houston home gotten grimy?



No matter how carefully you treat your tile and grout, it’s bound to get dingy, stained and even moldy. Every area in your home, whether your bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, hallways or bedrooms is exposed. You simply don’t have to live with awful looking tile and grout any longer! Groutsmith is the expert Houston tile cleaning company helping your tile and grout to once again look fresh and brand-new!

I clean regularly. Why does my tile and grout look so bad?

At Groutsmith we recognize that you’re not doing anything wrong. You try so hard to keep your tile and grout looking clean, but progressively it gets worse. Kids, pets, guests, cooking, shoes – your tile and grout doesn’t stand a chance! Your floors get walked on constantly. Your showers get bombarded with soap scum and contaminants from the water and even the grease and oil residues from cooking create ongoing problems for your tile and grout. Grout is highly porous. Liquids and spills are soaked up by the grout like a sponge. In a short period of time, mold can grow and expand, not only looking terrible, but creating bigger problems, as well. As black and pink mold festers, it can aggressively find its way to the subflooring underneath the tiles and behind the walls of your shower. If left untreated, mold can create more extensive damage and lead to expensive tile repairs.

Don’t let that happen. Call Groutsmith!


How can Groutsmith help me?

Tile cleaning

For many years Groutsmith has been researching and advancing tile and grout cleaning techniques. With specialized equipment and proprietary products our trained technicians know exactly how to get your grout looking clean, fresh and like new again!

Groutsmith has also developed watertight sealers which will create a barrier to the surface of your newly-cleaned grout. These sealers help resist the stains and mold from coming back again. Groutsmith Houston will provide helpful care instructions and tips on how to keep your grout and tile looking fresh and new after we’ve restored it. Enjoy your grout for years to come!

Groutsmith Houston only does it one way – the right way!

We take our business seriously and treat your home with care! Our tile cleaning and restoration process, using Groutsmith’s own proprietary products, are hard on dirt but gentle on your tile and grout. We don’t use pressurized steam, harsh acids, or van powered carpet cleaning equipment. Those methods and machines are not designed to be used to clean tile and grout. They all can be harmful to your grout and tile.

Let Groutsmith Houston help you! If you are living with dirty, stained or even molded grout and tiles in your Houston home, we want to fix that for you! Contact us today at 832-277-6589 or click the link below for a free, no-obligation tile cleaning demonstration and quote! See in your own home what we can do for you!

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Customer Reviews

Very professional & courteous. Delivered the service timely & with quality.

Thank you for a great job! Tile & grout look beautiful and brand new, like when we first moved in. The crew were promt, professional and diligent. Highly recommend Groutsmith Houston to clean and restore your tile and grout. Very happy with the results.

My kitchen and bathroom floor tile looks brand new again. Great job!!!

I did not want to call a carpet cleaning company for my ceramic tile, so i found the Groutsmith! What a great decision! Our color sealed grout looks amazing! The Groutsmith was on time, friendly and they did exactly what they promised!

We are extremly pleased performed at our home. The workers were terrific and the floor now looks brand new. We highly recommend Groutsmith service and products. We could not be any happier with the results!! Thank you so much!

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