If you need tiles repaired or replaced in your Houston home, you’ve come to the right place!



    Tile Re-grouting, TILE CHİP REPAIR

    Groutsmith is experienced and ready to restore your tile floors and walls to beautiful condition!

    We’ll perform tile chip repair anywhere you need it—your shower, kitchen floor, fireplace, or anywhere else you have tile. It might be a main traffic area or an inconspicuous, out of the way place. Either way, Groutsmith is able to repair your chipped tile (or replace it if that seems to be the better option) professionally and efficiently, and no one will be able to tell there was damage!


    Keep the damage from getting worse.

    We know those cracks aren’t pretty to look at, but there’s a bigger problem. They also expose other layers of the floor or wall and allow water, humidity, spills, and bacteria to get underneath the tile. For insulation purposes and to prevent further damage, it’s best to repair that chipped tile as soon as possible! Tile Re-grouting, TILE CHİP REPAIR

    Groutsmith will perform tile chip repair efficiently and professionally. We also investigate the tile and grout to try to determine the reason for the damage if it isn’t apparent.

    Sometimes tile installers, when the home is first built, don’t leave tiles any ‘breathing room’ to allow for natural expansion and contraction that can occur with weather and humidity changes. To fix this problem, Groutsmith uses a special acrylic grout near angles and joints. This grout is designed to be flexible and to prevent cracks from happening a second time.
    No one has to know!
    Our Groutsmith tile specialists are certified and highly trained. They can quickly study the damaged area and determine the best way to restore your tile wall or floor. Sometimes repairing the chipped tile is preferred, and other times it is better to replace whole tiles.

    Whatever the solution, just know that Groutsmith will do the job efficiently, and when we are finished, your tile area will be beautiful. We take care to match the texture and color of the tile, and we also match the condition and color of the grout. No one would be able to tell you ever had damage!
    Enjoy your tile once again!
    We want you to enjoy your tile. Now and for years to come. That’s our ultimate goal. If you need chips repaired in your tile, or if you’re not satisfied with your tile and grout for any reason, give us a call at 832-277-6589 or contact us at the link below.

    We will give you a free, no obligation assessment of your tiles, and we’ll let you know the simplest and best solutions to your problems.

    Let us help you enjoy your Houston home even more!

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    Customer Reviews

    My kitchen and bathroom floor tile looks brand new again. Great job!!!

    Amazing job. I thought the grout would need to be replaced but they cleaned and restored and it looks like new. Very satisfied with work.

    Really enjoyed working with Erem & his team. They were promt, honest, timely and do good work

    I can’t believe the difference, my tile floors look like new. It was a great experience from start to fnish

    Erem and his team were excellent. The work was done professionally and looked beautiful. The guys arrived on time, left everything clean and I would be happy to recommend them.

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