Shower Restoration

Revitalize Your Shower

Shower Restoration

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and your shower has damaged or stained grout, join the crowd.Most every homeowner has the same problem.


    And Groutsmith has the answer. We will re-grout your shower, helping you restore your shower to an immaculate condition!

    That seems so difficult.

    Shower Restoration ?

    Our skilled experts use specialized tools to carefully remove all of the old grout between the tiles of your shower. Then, they apply fresh, new grout to the entire tiled area. They do it neatly and efficiently. Very soon you’ll have a refreshing, like-new shower that will make you feel squeaky clean after each use!

    Please request that our expert technicians add a water-tight sealant to provide an effective barrier to your beautiful, newly grouted shower. This will protect your new investment, adding even longer life to your bright, clean shower!


    Do I need to re-grout my shower?

    Oftentimes, Shower Re-grouting and sealing is the best solution for your stained, discolored or moldy grout. At other times, re-grouting your shower is the answer to help your bathroom shine again.

    If you’re not sure what service would be the best for your shower, let Groutsmith Houston come to your home, at your convenience to provide a free, no-obligation assessment of your shower. We will explain all of your available options, recommending only the necessary services.

    Advantages of shower re-grouting

    Here are the many benefits for you and your home by letting Groutsmith Houston your shower restoration:

    Your shower will look clean and new!

    You’ll be saving money. Replacing the tile would be much more expensive and time consuming!

    It will eliminate damage-causing mold.

    Your shower restoration will extend the life of the tile.

    It will help remove allergens that can lead to severe health issues.

    Groutsmith leads the way!

    Groutsmith Houston takes care of our customers’ showers like we would take care of our own. That’s just how we are.

    Jonathan Smith, our company’s founder, has been leading the way for over 35 years, in expert construction, tile and grout work. His passion for helping customers improve their homes, along with his never ending drive in research and development, has resulted in highly exclusive, proprietary products and services, which can restore tile and grout professionally at a very low cost.

    Groutsmith wants to help you! If your shower grout is discolored, damaged, molded or even falling out, contact us at 832-277-6589 to find out how we can fix it! Don’t live with dirty grout any longer!

    Customer Reviews-03

    Customer Reviews

    Very professional & courteous. Delivered the service timely & with quality.

    Thank you for a great job! Tile & grout look beautiful and brand new, like when we first moved in. The crew were promt, professional and diligent. Highly recommend Groutsmith Houston to clean and restore your tile and grout. Very happy with the results.

    My kitchen and bathroom floor tile looks brand new again. Great job!!!

    I did not want to call a carpet cleaning company for my ceramic tile, so i found the Groutsmith! What a great decision! Our color sealed grout looks amazing! The Groutsmith was on time, friendly and they did exactly what they promised!

    We are extremly pleased performed at our home. The workers were terrific and the floor now looks brand new. We highly recommend Groutsmith service and products. We could not be any happier with the results!! Thank you so much!

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