Natural Stone Sealing


We, at Groutsmith Houston, know and understand marble. We appreciate its many uses and characteristics. In every job we do, our passion and extensive training is evident.



    Natural Stone Sealing

    We have a strong commitment to the education of our customers, in order to make sure the marble within their homes is properly cared for and maintained.

    Because marble is a stone, it is believed by many that it does not need to be maintained; this is a common misconception. In truth, all marble needs to be properly cared for and maintained. Depending on where the stone in your home is being used: walls, floors, shower walls, vanities, or countertops, various care methods are needed.

    Even though there are some marbles which are harder than others, in general, marble is considered to be a softer stone. In the high traffic areas within your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom, etching, scratches, and loss of luster and shine are very common. Acidic spills can also contribute to these problems. This is why it is necessary to use the proper cleaning methods and products to maintain your marble surfaces


    Polished Marble
    If your polished marble floors, shower, vanity, or countertop has become etched, lost its beauty and shine, or it needs to be repaired, the time has come to give us a call. Groutsmith Houston can refinish, clean, protect, repair and restore all of your natural surfaces or limestone surfaces back to the way they were when they were originally installed.
    Matte / Honed Natural Surface Finish

    Proper maintenance and care is also needed for any natural surfaces with a honed/matte finish which you may have throughout your home. You should have a professional such as Groutsmith, periodically clean and re-sealed this kind of natural stone.
    Caring For Your Natural Surfaces
    When you use Groutsmith Houston to have your natural surfaces cleaned, restored, or maintained, we not only give you excellent service, but we also give you instructions on how to properly care and maintain the natural surfaces in your home with Natural Stone Sealing services.

    For routine maintenance and cleaning, we recommend the use of a stone-safe, high quality, natural stone cleaner. If your natural surfaces does become dulled or scratched, Groutsmith Houston is able to restore and polish all your natural surfacesvanities, floors, or countertops, making them appear just as they did originally.

    Contact us today for a free in-home demonstration and let us show you how we can transform your natural surfaces.

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    Customer Reviews

    My kitchen and bathroom floor tile looks brand new again. Great job!!!

    Amazing job. I thought the grout would need to be replaced but they cleaned and restored and it looks like new. Very satisfied with work.

    Really enjoyed working with Erem & his team. They were promt, honest, timely and do good work

    I can’t believe the difference, my tile floors look like new. It was a great experience from start to fnish

    Erem and his team were excellent. The work was done professionally and looked beautiful. The guys arrived on time, left everything clean and I would be happy to recommend them.

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