Loose Hollow Tile Repair

Don't Remove it...
Rebond it!

Is Your Tile Floor Loose and Hollow? Can you hear them when you walk around your home? You might have need Loose Hollow Tile Repair



Is there a solution to loose and hollow ceramic tile floors!

Groutsmith has a solution to fix this problem without removing tiles. No dust, no odor, no traffic interruption. Your floor is ready in no time.

This system is made possible by Groutsmiths patented re-bonding method, resulting in a long list of grateful Houston homeowners. The Groutsmith re-bonding procedure will repair them at a fraction to the cost without the mess.

We inject our proprietary tile adhesive through holes in the grout to fill gaps and voids between the tile and subfloor, bonding loose tile to the subfloor. When dry, the damaged grout work is matched for color and repaired. 


What does it do Loose Hollow Tile Repair ?

Make floors like new again.
Saves you cost, mess, and disruption of re-tiling your floor.
Protects you against liability from tripping over lifted tiles.

What can it be used on?

It can be used with any tiles: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, cement, terrazzo, natural stone, granite etc.

Loose Hollow Tile Repair Is it safe?

The Groutsmith re-bond adhesive is a non-toxic, non-flammable solution which is easy to handle, apply and clean up. In addition, it is odor-free, dust free.
The beauty of this system is that it:

Saves you the cost, mess, and disruption of re-tiling your floor!
Make your floors like new again!
Bonds to almost any tile

Customer Reviews-03

Customer Reviews

My kitchen and bathroom floor tile looks brand new again. Great job!!!

Amazing job. I thought the grout would need to be replaced but they cleaned and restored and it looks like new. Very satisfied with work.

Really enjoyed working with Erem & his team. They were promt, honest, timely and do good work

I can’t believe the difference, my tile floors look like new. It was a great experience from start to fnish

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