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Does the grout between your tiles look stained, molded or damaged? Let Groutsmith fix that by restoring your grout!



    Does the grout between your tiles look stained, molded or damaged? Let Groutsmith fix that by restoring your grout!

    Types of grout restoration can include grout and tile cleaning, grout color restoration, grout repair, grout sealing, color matched caulking, or complete grout removal and replacement. No matter which service you need for your Houston home, Groutsmith will do it for you! Our trained technicians come to your home at your convenience, evaluate your flooring and bathroom surfaces and help determine what type of restoration is right for you!


    Why Did My Grout Get Dirty ?
    Even the most expensive and luxurious tile floors and showers will become stained and damaged. Grout is extremely porous, like a sponge. Unless your grout was sealed when it was first installed, anything that lands on it will get absorbed right in. Spills, pet stains, and heavy foot traffic will quickly make the grout in your floors dirty and discolored. Houston’s calcium-rich water, soaps, shampoos and the continual humidity in showers creates a perfect environment for black mold, pink mold and stains in your shower’s grout.

    When the water, soap and shampoo dwells in your grout, it becomes a breeding ground for active mold and mildew, becoming a health hazard! If left untreated, the mold can continue growing behind the walls and cause further damage.Let Groutsmith put a stop to the mold and mildew in your shower!
    No Worries

    Grout Restoration Will Fix It

    Groutsmith will restore your stained and damaged grout! It’s our specialty!

    Jonathan Smith founded Groutsmith nearly 25 years ago when he realized the necessity for a professional service to restore tile and grout. At the same time, he recognized customers’ needs for professional products that would do the job right at a lower cost. Through his lifetime of experience and his determination to help homeowners, our products and our restoration processes were created.

    Thousands of grout restorations later, Groutsmith is still revitalizing and beautifying homes with those same time-tested products and services.

    Groutsmith Houston does not use harsh acids or bleaches on your grout. We don’t use van powered carpet cleaning equipment or pressurized water and steam, all of which can do more harm than good, damaging your tile and grout. We are committed to doing the best job in restoring your grout, but protecting your home at the same time.
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    It is Groutsmith’s pleasure to help you restore your grout and get it looking its best. Contact us today at 832-277-6589, or click on the link below for a free, no-obligation assessment. Let us help you make your Houston home the most beautiful it can be!

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    Customer Reviews

    Amazing job. I thought the grout would need to be replaced but they cleaned and restored and it looks like new. Very satisfied with work.

    The flooring looked brand new after they fnished. They were very professional, promt and courteous. I would gladly recommend them.

    Amazing! All white ceramic tile looks brand new. Never thought it could be that clean.

    Wonderful service and great results. Very knowledgable about their service and products. They were very respectful and timely. I highly recommend the Groutsmith Houston!

    Really enjoyed working with Erem & his team. They were promt, honest, timely and do good work

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