A New Beginning
For Your Grout

If you bored with your tiles Groutsmith Houston is grout color sealing is for you !



Why Color Sealing?

Because among with all Groutmiths grout sealing advantages you may get new colored and totally renewed view on your grouts. it means you’ll get to keep that bright, shiny grout for a long time! In fact, we are the trusted name amongst Houston grout sealing companies.

We know you’ll love your new-looking tile and grout after we’ve cleaned or restored them. You’ll feel like you have a completely new room! And we want you to be able to stay excited about that room for months and months and even years to come!

Grout is a porous substance, and while it looks great when it is clean, that wonderful look unfortunately doesn’t last on its own. Your new-looking grout will once again be a magnet for stains, mold, and dirt without a grout sealer protecting it. If you have just gone to the extra work or expense of having the grout in your Houston home replaced or cleaned, you want it to stay that way!

Grout sealer is your simple solution. It will cover all your grout and create a barrier to protect it from the dirt, mildew, or bacteria that may have stained and discolored it in the first place!


What exactly does sealing involve?

Groutsmith believes in grout sealing so much that we provide three sealants that will help protect your grout: our clear sealer, color sealer, and our exclusive restoration sealer. You choose the one that’s right for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

Our trained experts apply the grout sealer to the entire grout area. Within a short amount of time, the sealer has bonded and it’s ready to do its job!

No matter which sealer you choose, it will form a water-tight seal over the grout to keep out water and dirt, and stains. Instead of soaking into the grout, water will now bead up at the surface! Dirt can be wiped right off!

Groutsmith can help you!

If you have fairly new floors in your Houston home, or if you’ve recently had your grout cleaned or restored, Groutsmith definitely recommends a grout sealer to help protect your investment. Your extra effort will pay off richly, and your tile and grout will live a long and beautiful life!

If you live in the Houston area, give us a call at 832-277-6589 or click the link below and let us do a free, no-obligation cleaning demonstration for your tile and grout. We’ll be honest, and we’ll let you know what we can and can’t do for you. Let us help you keep your home looking beautiful for years to come!

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Customer Reviews

My kitchen and bathroom floor tile looks brand new again. Great job!!!

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